14 May 2024
By Solomon Brothers

While the legal profession is full of accomplished and dedicated individuals, every so often, one stands out from the crowd. 

We are pleased to announce that Doug Solomon has once again been recognised by Best Lawyers and included in the 2025 edition of The Best Lawyers in Australia™. This is a well-deserved recognition of Doug’s expertise, dedication, and exceptional client service in the legal profession. 

We are extremely proud of Doug, who is known for his passion and dedication towards supporting his clients on an international, national, governmental, and local level.

Introducing Doug Solomon

As one of the founding partners of the firm, Doug Solomon is a company treasure, with his devotion and commitment to justice and service being at the very heart of who Solomon Brothers are, as well as what we stand for.

Doug has forged an esteemed career since first being admitted into the legal profession in 1979 and has extensive experience in a host of different areas of law.

A notable level of this experience lends itself to property law, where Doug is well-versed in consulting on everything from real property law, property planning and development law, strata titles law, to conveyancing and settlements, and leasing.

Outside of property law, Doug also has extensive experience in commercial law, insolvency, planning and environmental law, franchising, and administrative law (both with respect to commercial negotiation and drafting and with respect to commercial litigation and other types of dispute resolution).

Perth Lawyers Making a Difference

Doug is very big on giving back to the legal community and, as a member of the Property Law Committee of the Law Society of Western Australia for more than 30 years, was regularly involved in reviewing legislation and proposed legislation on behalf of the Law Society in the public interest.

Doug has also provided many years of pro bono legal advice and assistance to various charities and not-for-profit organisations.

Best Lawyers – A Global Talent Pool

Recognised by over 143,000 lawyers worldwide across 150 practice areas throughout 76 countries, Best Lawyers has been highly regarded as the oldest and most respected peer-review publication company throughout the legal profession since 1981.

For over four decades, Best Lawyer publications have earned the respect and trust of the legal community, media, and general public as a highly dependable and unbiased source for legal referrals throughout the globe, solidified by their strapline ‘The best legal talent in the world, case closed.’

Being acknowledged by Best Lawyers is considered a significant accomplishment for legal professionals as the process involves an exhaustive peer-review process. Tens of thousands of leading lawyers confidentially evaluate their professional peers from the global pool of candidates, with only the very best lawyers being recognised in the latest edition through an impartial selection process.

For a deeper look at the history behind Best Lawyers, we welcome you to visit their website.

Doug Solomon's Best Lawyers 2024 quote

A Continued Commitment to Excellence in Law

It is not the first time Doug has been shortlisted by the Best Lawyers in Australia, having been recognised by the organisation since 2021. In Doug’s own words:

“I am truly humbled by the esteemed recognition by the Best Lawyers Australia. I would like to extend my gratitude and thanks to my team and clients who have all helped make this possible.

It serves as a refreshing reminder that our continued commitment to our clients and the legal profession have not gone unnoticed. We pride ourselves on our exceptional levels of legal service for our valued clients and being the very best at what we do, so it’s an honour to have peer-reviewed reassurance that we are on the right track.”

– Doug Solomon (Partner Commercial/Litigation)

Inspiration and Motivation

Being recognised amongst the nation’s leading legal professionals is a significant achievement to be celebrated, and we are extremely proud of Doug’s entry in the 2025 edition of The Best Lawyers in Australia™ for Real Property Law.

This just adds to Doug’s continuing track record of achieving outstanding results for his clients and his exceptional contributions to the legal profession. To learn more about Doug’s career and experience, we welcome you to view Doug’s profile, where you will also find our full team of legal professionals in Perth.

If you have a legal issue or require some guidance from Doug or any of our experienced Perth lawyers, welcome you to contact Solomon Brothers to see how we can be of assistance.

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