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Solomon Brothers have a highly experienced team of property settlement lawyers in our Perth office, who are qualified and capable of providing full property settlement services at highly competitive prices. The department is run by a licensed settlement agent and handles all types of property settlement matters (including acting for developers on settlements of subdivision projects).

The Settlements department is backed by a strong support team and prides itself on being able to provide a smooth settlement experience. The partner responsible for the settlements department has over 35 years’ experience and has specialised in property and commercial matters, both in conveyancing and in dispute resolution.

Running a settlements department within a law firm means that if any legal issue arises in the course of a conveyancing transaction, it can be dealt with immediately.

Whether you are buying or selling a house, unit, vacant land, or commercial property, our property settlement lawyers in Perth can assist at a settlement agent cost no different from that charged by a settlement agent unconnected with a law firm.

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Our settlements department has garnered extensive experience in residential, rural and commercial settlements, including some of the largest subdivisions and off-the-plan projects in Perth.

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From conveyancing through to dispute resolution, our comprehensive property settlement services provide clients with excellence throughout a range of legal settlements support.


Local Knowledge

Our in-house licensed settlement agent ensures our clients are in capable hands, helping us to provide local, qualified and unrivalled legal service across a range of settlement scenarios.

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Track Record

Our established track record of proven results ensures our clients are given the confidence and assurance of an established and dependable legal partner who understands the property industry.


Our Property Settlement Legal Services

When it comes to the local property market, our team of trusted and qualified property settlement lawyers in Perth provide a comprehensive list of legal support services.

Due to our comprehensive track record in the industry, and our extensive understanding of the role of settlement agents, Solomon Brothers are able to support and advise our clients throughout an array of differing property settlement scenarios.

We have detailed these below for your reference and welcome your enquiry should you wish to engage our services.


Residential Real Estate

We provide a range of legal support services for residential settlements, with our highly qualified and experienced Settlements team providing valuable advice throughout each step of the process.

Whether you’re buying off-the-plan, conveyancing or acquiring property through a private sale, our dedicated settlements department can offer support for the same cost as settlement agents, with the added benefit of being able to provide ongoing legal advice during each stage of the transaction.

Commercial Real Estate

The purchase and transfer of commercial property can become a complex exercise, however, with the right team to support you, this process can become simplified and effortless. If you’re looking for a team of property settlement lawyers in perth with extensive experience and a track record of success, our team are well-versed in servicing the local Perth property market.

Working with our Property Team, the Settlements team are able to provide high quality commercial legal advice within the commercial settlements space. We help take the stress out of the settlements process, with our local Perth lawyers having the ability to assist with both commercial leases or private ownership, keeping you supported with up-to-date advice and guidance at all times.

Strata Titles

When it comes to handling strata titles for shared facilities, it pays to have your own legal advisor who can provide essential guidance on factors like insurance, maintenance and commercial management. Thanks to our established experience working with both strata and community titles, we are able to offer our clients property-specific legal advice with a focus on strata services to ensure you have the support and guidance you need.

Property Development Subdivision

From private sub-divisions and strata management, through to urban developments and planning approvals, the Solomon Brothers team have an entrenched level of knowledge and experience to provide tailored legal advice to assist across a range of legal considerations and challenges within property development.

Our in-house team of property settlement lawyers in Perth can provide dedicated advice and support to help speed up common processes, such as the preparation and lodgement of applications for new titles via Landgate, or land access matters and contractual licences.

Deceased Estates

Our significant experience working with executors across a range of deceased estates has earned Solomon Brothers a reputation as leading deceased estate lawyers in Perth. We can help you apply for probate, or support the transfer of ownership of assets across all parties, with additional services available to defend the estate if any legal proceedings or challenges arise.

For example, if a sole owner or tenant in common passes away, we can work with a conveyancer to facilitate an Application by Personal Representative to assist with transferring the deceased’s share of the property to either an administrator or executor, adding an extra layer of flexibility to our settlement services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for some of our most frequently asked questions. We’ve provided some clarity around the role of settlement agents and the extent of their legal services, as well as fees and settlement agent costs, with an overview of how our team of property settlement lawyers in Perth provide ongoing support to our valued clients.

What is a settlement agent?

A settlement agent is a professional who manages the exchange of real estate after a sale, as well as other dealings in real estate. In some states, a settlement agent is referred to as a conveyancer.

What is the role of settlement agents?

The role of settlement agents is to assist in the process of the transfer of ownership of property from a seller to a buyer. Settlement agents have the necessary qualifications and licences to ensure that all legal requirements for the transfer of the title to the property are complied with for the title to be registered in the name of the new owner. The settlement process can be complex and it is prudent to use a qualified professional to guide you through the process to the completion of the settlement.

In addition to this, settlement agents can also attend to survivorship applications, change of name applications and subdivisions of land applications.

Are there any services that settlement agents are legally unable to process?

Yes – while a settlement agent can register mortgages and caveats, they are legally unable to prepare them. However, our experienced legal team of property settlement lawyers at Solomon Brothers are able to both prepare and register mortgages and caveats with a full-service provision beyond the service levels of most settlement agents.

What is an independent settlement agent?

An independent settlement agent is not affiliated with a real estate agent or a developer, whereas most other settlement agents have some affiliation.

Why choose an independent settlement agent?

It is worth considering an independent settlement agent as they act only in your interest. Whilst there are sometimes differences in the settlement agent cost structure, the main benefit here is that there are no competing considerations about whether the sale or purchase can go through, and if there is a problem, the independent settlement agent can inform and assist you accordingly.

Why choose a settlement agent in a law firm?

As things don’t always go smoothly when real estate changes hands, we recommend choosing Solomon Brothers to act on your settlement. Any serious problems can be immediately looked at by one of our property settlement lawyers in Perth, giving you peace of mind and assurance of where you stand. Thanks to our competitive fees and experienced team, we are able to ensure our clients are well looked after whilst benefiting from an affordable settlement agent cost and dedicated team.

Is it more expensive to choose a settlement agent in a law firm?

No – when it comes to settlement agent costs, the Solomon Brothers Settlements Team are available at highly competitive rates to support you through your settlement. If legal advice is required, our competitive legal fees will be fully communicated ahead of any work being carried out, and our experienced team of property settlement lawyers can assist you with any legal representation as needed.


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