While we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of the laws of Western Australia, we understand that the world is increasingly becoming more connected and integrated, and that our clients’ need for national and international legal services is increasing. Accordingly, we are proud to be the only Perth member of Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW).

LAW is a global association of approximately 100 independent law firms located in more than 50 countries. Membership in LAW connects us to more than 4,300 lawyers worldwide and will allow us to provide further assistance to our clients that operate in, or are expanding their operations into, other domestic and foreign markets.

Member firms of LAW are full-service business law firms with local expertise and first-hand knowledge of the customs and practices in their own jurisdiction. All of the member firms are well known and respected in their local and regional markets, and are carefully chosen to provide clients access to exceptional global legal representation.

The collaboration between Solomon Brothers and LAW furthers our service capacity and ensures that we can provide our clients with access to quality legal representation, globally.

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