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Solomon Brothers provides a comprehensive range of services in relation to all aspects of commercial, corporate, property, construction, finance, and business law, including all areas of commercial litigation and dispute resolution. Our experienced team of commercial lawyers, will lawyers and real estate lawyers will always focus on understanding your objectives before providing timely and cost-effective assistance.

As one of the leading commercial law firms in Perth, we understand the importance of protecting your business interests. Our commercial lawyers have a successful track record in commercial litigation, contractual disputes, construction disputes and dispute resolution.

Our skilled real estate lawyers are here to assist you with a wide range of property law matters. Supported by our building and construction team, our real estate lawyers provide diligent representation and guidance, from reviewing your building contracts to resolving building and property disputes.

Whether you are looking for assistance with a building contract, drafting your will, or commercial litigation, our team is committed to offering sound advice, efficient solutions, and exceptional client service. Choose Solomon Brothers as your reliable partner for all commercial and legal needs. Contact us today to schedule a meeting.

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With care and precision, our will lawyers will guide you through estate planning, assets protection and goods distribution according to your wishes.



Always protecting your business interests, our commercial lawyers navigate anything from complex commercial questions to acquisition and divestment advice.



We provide thoughtful solutions and guidance to those navigating corporate and personal insolvency matters.



With a wealth of knowledge and experience, we will provide strategic direction and confidently represent your interests in complex commercial litigation disputes in any forum.



Whether you need a property dispute lawyer or just transaction advice, our dedicated real estate lawyers will provide cost-effective and timely assistance.



From reviewing and negotiating building contracts to resolving disputes, our experienced team of building and construction lawyers is second to none.

Solomon Brothers Lawyers

Our Experience

Established in 1987, the Solomon Brothers has become one of the leading commercial law firms in Perth. Over the years, our team has received several prestigious awards for its construction law and commercial litigation proficiency.

Most of our commercial, construction, and real estate lawyers have started and established their carers within the firm. This longstanding collaboration among our team enables a seamless and dynamic approach to any legal matter. It’s why our clients always get timely and cost-effective professional advice and representation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do lawyers get assigned to specific legal matters?

Our goal is to match you with a lawyer who possesses the relevant skills and knowledge to effectively handle your commercial and legal matters. By eliminating any potential conflicts of interest and carefully considering our lawyers’ expertise, experience, availability, and workload, we ensure that you receive the best possible representation. You will always have one of our partners managing your work.

What differentiates the Solomon Brothers from other competitor firms?

Highly respected in the Australian legal community, Solomon Brothers brings together a wide range of corporate and business law experience, while delivering real commercial value to our clients.

With over 200 years of collective experience, our team of partners and associates includes some of the best commercial lawyers in Perth, specialising in anything from commercial litigations and property dispute resolutions to building contract drafting and trust inception and management.

This enables us to take a holistic approach to any legal matter and ensure you receive the best possible representation.

What does conflict of interest mean in law and how do Solomon Brothers handle it?

Conflicts, most commonly arise where a lawyer represents multiple parties with divergent interests.

The Solomon Brothers lawyers will identify and disclose conflicts, allowing our clients to make informed decisions. Resolving conflicts may involve obtaining consent, withdrawing from representation, or implementing measures to mitigate the conflict.

Why does my business need a commercial lawyer?

A commercial lawyer helps businesses navigate the complex legal landscape and provides strategic advice to support their commercial activities and mitigate legal risks.

They handle a wide range of legal matters related to commercial transactions, contracts, compliance, and business operations. Commercial lawyers assist clients in drafting and negotiating contracts, ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations, providing guidance on intellectual property, employment and real estate law, and other legal aspects relevant to commercial operations.

What happens after I submit an enquiry to Solomon Brothers?

When you submit an enquiry to Solomon Brothers, it will be directed to one of our partners who will either contact you themselves, have one of our lawyers contact you or, where we cannot act, have one of our administration staff advise you that we cannot act.

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