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Solomon Brothers provides a comprehensive range of services in relation to all aspects of commercial, corporate, property, finance and business law, including commercial litigation and alternative dispute resolution in all those areas.

Solomon Brothers brings together a wide range of legal and corporate experience, and has experienced significant and sustained growth since its establishment. Our clients include well-known international and national companies and a wide range of government departments, as well as many local companies and businesses. Our objective is to provide the highest quality individual service to our clients.

Administrative Law

Our firm has extensive experience in all aspects of administrative law, including Freedom of Information and matters involving judicial review of administrative action in Federal and State jurisdictions.  This work includes provision of a full range of advice on all aspects of administrative law, and appearing on a regular basis in all courts and tribunals which have jurisdiction in Western Australia on a very wide range of actions and appeals.

We have acted on matters as diverse as a High Court challenge to the constitutionality of the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal, licensing and planning challenges in the State Administrative Appeals Tribunal, and common law Supreme Court challenges of decisions made by government officers.   

Banking and Finance

We act for a number of lenders with respect to financing transactions, recovering debts and enforcing securities.  We advise on a wide range of transactions and prepare all types of finance, loan and security documentation.

By utilising supervised junior lawyers and para-legal staff, we are able to offer extremely competitive debt recovery services for financial institutions.

Commercial Arbitration & Alternative Dispute Resolution

A large section of our practice involves commercial litigation and alternative dispute resolution, relating to a very broad range of contract law, statutory interpretation, trade practices law, joint ventures, administrative law, real property, leasing, franchise, finance transactions, and construction and development projects.  Many of these matters are resolved through commercial arbitration or other alternative dispute resolution.  We have significant experience over many years in preparing for, participating in and resolving disputes through commercial arbitration, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution - in addition to commercial litigation.  

We provide mediation services via one of our partners, Mark Blundell, who is a mediator accredited under the National Mediation Accreditation System.

Another one of our partners, David Marsh, was involved at a senior level in one of the largest arbitrations ever conducted in Australia, the Anaconda Nickel and Fluor Australia arbitration in relation to the Murrin Murrin nickel/cobalt project.  This was a $1.8 billion arbitration conducted under chess clock rules over a 4 year period from 2000 to 2003.

We have also been involved with other international disputes, such as arbitration under the London Metals Exchange rules.

Construction Law

We have extensive experience in all aspects of construction law including drafting contracts for all aspects of construction in Australia. We have experience in international and local arbitration.  We are conversant with all Australian standard contracts as well as FIDIC and ICC contracts.  We also have experience with the UK Technology and Construction Court.

David Marsh has acted in construction disputes ranging from extremely complex hydrometallurgical plants such as the Murran Murran Nickel Cobalt Project, to power stations in the Philippines, and the construction of the underground railway through Perth. The combination of our litigation and drafting experience ensures that we are able to provide clients with the most practical and pragmatic advice to suit their particular needs rather than simply providing off-the-shelf advice and documentation.

We regularly act for principals and contractors in adjudications conducted under the Construction Contracts Act. 

Corporate and Business Law

We advise on a wide range of corporate and business law matters, including IPOs, joint ventures, partnerships and franchising. We draft all the documentation required to facilitate these arrangements.  We also regularly act on mergers and acquisitions and company restructuring.

We provide advice on various aspects of corporations and securities laws in litigious and non-litigious matters.  This includes acting with respect to investigations or actions brought by ASIC or ASX.

Foreign Investment and Trade

We regularly advise foreign parties looking to invest in Australia with respect to all aspects of Australian law, particularly in the resources and energy sectors, and with respect to real property law.  In particular, we advise clients with respect to the key areas of planning and environment, and other key regulatory laws pertaining to these areas.


We have extensive experience in acting in the areas of insolvency and bankruptcy law. We act for creditors, debtors, liquidators and insolvency trustees. We provide advice, and represent clients in litigation where necessary, including arranging litigation funding assistance where required.  We have extensive experience in litigating complex insolvency matters involving insolvent trading, claims against directors, unwinding uncommercial transactions and personal bankruptcy.


As part of our administrative law practice, we often work in the licensing area.  Our work in the licensing area includes liquor licensing and a wide variety of other licensing regimes such as those involved with the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, road transport, mining and resources.


Our litigation division is engaged in a broad commercial litigation practice.

We have significant experience in all types of commercial litigation including major contract, property, finance, securities, franchising, trade practices (including misleading or deceptive conduct), intellectual property, construction, corporations and insolvency matters, both at trial and appeal levels.  We have appeared as counsel in all jurisdictions in Australia up to and including the High Court of Australia.

The firm regularly acts in complex securities litigation and multi-party actions where the full range of skills of civil litigation is required.

We acted for many claimants in the Western Australian Finance Broking collapse and have acted for many plaintiffs with respect to the failures of a number of MIS schemes, all of which have proceeded with the assistance of litigation funding.

While we strive to assist our clients to achieve a successful outcome in litigation without trial, through settlement at mediation or other negotiated outcomes, we have significant experience in trials in all courts.  We have the resources required to prepare and take complex litigation to trial as necessary.

Personal Property

We advise and provide representation on a wide range of personal property related matters including bailment, rescission, specific performance, tracing and property torts.  Our work includes prosecuting and defending claims in the Federal Court and all State courts.

Planning and Environmental Law

In the course of providing advice to our clients on numerous property and development matters, we provide advice and assistance in many areas of planning and environmental law.  

These include interpretation of town planning schemes and region schemes, drafting appeals to the relevant minister in environmental matters, making submissions and representations to local authorities and the Western Australian Planning Commission, litigation with respect to planning issues, advising in relation to environmental and contamination issues, assisting in preparing and reviewing environmental reports (environmental impact statements, public environmental reviews, consultative environmental reviews), negotiating and liaising with the Department of Environmental Protection and the Environmental Protection Authority in relation to the application of the Environmental Protection Act to development projects, and dealing with issues under the Contaminated Sites Act.

In addition, we have represented clients in the State Administrative Tribunal, the Supreme Court of Western Australia and in the High Court of Australia on various planning matters.  Our work in planning and environmental law works hand in glove with our work in the real property and resources and energy areas. Our experience in administrative law includes acting for major project proponents seeking to challenge decisions of the EPA and the Minister for Environment.

Real Property

We advise and represent people on a wide range of property, commercial law, settlement and conveyancing matters covering all aspects of real property law.  We advise and document property transactions from simple sales to complex subdivisions and strata title developments.  We also have a dedicated settlements department for completion of all types of property transactions for a wide range of clients, including property developers, financiers, small companies and individuals.

To complement our experience in property development and property transactions, we regularly act in property disputes.  Our experience ensures that we have an excellent grasp of emerging problems in modern property transactions, such as off-the-plan strata developments litigated in the Supreme Court of Western Australia, as well as planning appeals and related challenges.

Resources & Energy

Doug and Greg Solomon both have extensive experience as directors of resources and energy companies. The firm regularly advises on all aspects of resources and energy, and we document transactions to facilitate the development of resource and energy projects. We have advised on and negotiated mining contracts in gold, nickel, iron ore and bauxite, and appeared in the Warden's Court.

We act for companies involved in projects as diverse as coal seam methane in the United Kingdom, polymetallic developments in the Gawler Crayton South Australia, and solar salt projects in North West WA.

One of our partners, David Marsh, has been appointed the National President of AMPLA, The Energy and Resources Law Association.

Securities Litigation

Solomon Brothers handles securities enforcement and other litigation for lenders, borrowers and guarantors.  
Our work includes acting in complex securities issues such as widespread irregularities by finance brokers and managed investment schemes.  We assist in obtaining litigation funding where required, and we liaise with regulators, participating in regulated investigations, and represent clients in proceedings as necessary.


We regularly advise on complex taxation matters.  We have conducted litigation in the Federal Court, State courts and tribunals.

Trade Practices & Consumer Law

We advise a wide range of clients including major commercial clients on all aspects of trade practices and consumer law.  Our practice in this area includes frequent court and tribunal appearances in all jurisdictions, and we have represented clients in trials and appeals in the Supreme Court and the Federal Court.

Wills, Estates & Trusts

We have extensive experience drawing up wills and trusts and acting as executors. We represent clients in obtaining probate (disputed and non-contentious) and letters of administration. We represent clients in the Supreme Court with respect to probate and Family Provision Act disputes.